While you cant consider it a true isometric rpg, sacred 2 has the best controller layout for an action rpg. I understand this game uses turn based combat, however, sacred 2's layout may still prove useful. If you havent seen it this is how it works. In total you can have 12 skills including your weapon and/or shield. Each skill is manually mapped to each of the four face buttons. To open up the other "tabs" you hold either the left or right trigger and again manually assign skills to each of the four face buttons. This allows you to organize skills such as buffs into one tab, close combat or more frequently used skills in another and your utility or situation specific skills in a third. It also allows for macros freeing up even further space to equip skills. One press of a button and you pick up all loot within a certain radius around you. Left stick dictates your skill's casted direction since you must remain still while you use skills. Even without the option to move or dodge in real time, simply having 12 readily available skills allows for a lot of options. Sacred 2 overall is a bit rough, though one of my all time favorites, but it has the best controller layout maximizing efficiency for picking up (ninjaing) loot and space available to allow you to use your full arsenal.

I'd like to add as a side note that sacred 2 also has one of the best set ups for building a pure necromancer.