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With Steam announcing their SteamBox, and other cloud-gaming platforms on the horizon, we were wondering if we should support controller input. Anyone have some good examples of top down RPGs with controller support?

Of course the challenge is to NOT change anything about gameplay and design, and interactivity, and to still cater for keyboard/mouse fans. We are well aware of that and do not want to make compromises.

Also, quoting Lar: "...if we put in controller support, there's no reason left why we shouldn't support the game on consoles. But, since putting in controller support is a lot of work, we're trying to figure out if there's a demand. And no, this is not an official announcement that the game will appear on consoles."

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I don't know, it seems fairly simple to port it to a controller based setup.
One analogue stick controls a cursor, the other controls the camera, left trigger is left click, right trigger is right click.

You don't need to reword the interface or anything at all, there's no reason for it to be like Dragon Age Origins for example, where they made a specific console UI and stuff. Just port the controls, make the text bigger and that's it, done.

The only issue would be making the text a bit larger (something that the PC version would benefit from a lot, the text is too damn small Larian).

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