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I like the idea of below

[CR1] Water Arrowhead = Water Arrowheads do not exist in game - Bottle of Water + Arrowhead
[CR2] Fire Arrowhead = Arrowhead + Cloth Scraps or maybe campfire/forge?
[CR3] Smokescreen Arrowhead = Fire Arrowhead + Oil Barrel (Wont be able to use cup of water or will conflict with explosive)
[CR2] Freezing Arrowhead = Water Arrowhead + Essence of Air (too expensive?) Freezing is quite powerful so I don't think this is to expensive.

CR level to keep in line with other recipes while trying to maintain some balance.

I like this ideas, Cloth Scraps are pretty rare to find.
And because of that, smokescreen arrow should be:

[CR2] Fire Arrowhead = Arrowhead + Cloth Scraps
[CR3] Smokescreen Arrowhead = Fire Arrowhead + Sheet of Paper

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[CR0] Hammer + Empty Bottle = Broken glass, could make use of a useless item

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You guys have an opinion on a recipe for empty potion flasks? Such as empty bottle + oven, CR2?

I like this combo, and even thought FLASKS are abundant in-game the recipee should exist enyway.

[CR1] Hammer + Empty Bottle = Broken Glass:
[CR3] Broken Glass + Oven = Emtpy Flask

Arrowheads also should be craftable, I think a good and logical recipe for arrowheads would be something like:

[CR2] Metal Scraps + Repair Hammer = Arrowheads x 3