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Witcher 2 (not top down); is probably the best game with combined kb/m and controller support but even with this game you can tell that interface with kb/m would have been a *lot* better if they hadn't mucked it up for controller support.

I guess I'm going to have to break down & try using a gamepad with this game. This sucks for me because my gaming sessions are cut much shorter with a gamepad due to pain & cramping. I don't have this issue with "normal" PC controls. I've tried starting The Witcher 2 twice since I bought it & combat is absolute rubbish with a mouse & keyboard. I've never made it past the 1st fight without rage-quitting in frustration. This could be because I'm getting older & worse at "twich" gaming, but I had 0 issues with (& loved) The Witcher.

I do know one thing, I won't be buying The Wild Hunt until I know it's fully playable with a mouse & keyboard.