You gotta work your way up man.

More global recommendations for Activision, Zenimax, EA and other big publishing companies is the ticket to the Dorito mountain heights.

Mind you, Original Sin has its issues and i dont particularly care to see any gushing reviews, nor do i particularly care for the whole "gaming media" in any way except pure hatred.
Its a ... thing,... thats distorted from a way back and wont be corrected any time soon.

I do reserve the right to yank your chain as one of the representatives of the mentioned ... thing... purely on matters of principle.

Non-air conditioned room? Is that supposed to make me feel any pity? I never had any my whole life.
When i work i work for days or months on end in any weather.
plus - There are much worse places then middle America on this Earth buddy... even Kansas.

Dont take it personally, i just hate and despise that whole parasitic mindless "industry" in general. Not your fault. I know.