Hi Lou,

Showing up and commenting I think is great because it helps us understand your view a bit better so that's very much appreciated.
From my perspective I'd recommend taking a second look at it and sinking your teeth into it a bit deeper. Play it with someone you know (I'm playing with my wife) and it adds so much to the experience.

Also you probably don't want to have a review out there which has "incorrect" information in it.

Again I'm not asking your to give it a higher score, in my opinion anything between 80 up is pretty much in the sweet zone of what this game deserves. Like every game it has some shortcomings and places of improvement such as inventory management, some UI things (pass turn) to name some basic ones.

So I hope you get that chance to play it again and enjoy it as much as most of us.
Also you may get some interesting insights about Larian from Sven's blog and I can only recommend reading it to give you a little flavor about the company who made this game. Or visit the Kickstarter page and look at the comments/updates there and it'll give you an idea what a fantastic experience it's been for us Kickstarters and why we passionately believe in Larian as a company who has the best interest of us gamers in mind.

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