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If the controls are already set for pc why is there still some comcern that it will be dumbed down if translated to consoles? This thread is to offer potential options for controller layouts. To find examples of other rpgs that have attempted the transition from pc based controls to gamepad. Why are we complaining about a problem that doesnt exist? The pc already has its controls. Theyre set. Theres no need to continue slamming a gamepad for what it cant do. Use those brains and help figure out what they can do. If any devs are reading this i highly recommend looking at sacred 2. It translates the potential complexity of an rpg of this type from a primarily pc based control scheme to a gamepad.

There are no examples, and there are none for a good reason.

Btw, I recently grabbed Sacred 2 and didn't play it for very long partly due to the controls (playing with mouse/kb). Not to mention that the entire game feels and plays more like Diablo 3 than something as complex as D:OS (or any of the IE games).

I honestly don't see how anyone can argue that something designed for an input system with 101 keys (+mouse) can be properly translated to a device that has like 12 buttons. It just does not compute. That's not even taking into account the inaccuracy of thumbsticks when compared to a mouse.

Unless you want to redesign your game around a controller there is simply no way to properly port a complex isometric RPG to a controller. That's also why it was never done successfully (need I remind that Dragon Age: Origins, which afaik is the closest contender, got some major surgery in the tactical department to make it work on consoles, they even had to make the game easier to make up for that. Pretty much no-one except the die-hardest console zealots would argue that the console port isn't worse than the PC version)

Doing it the other way around (eg. designing the UI for consoles and then releasing for PC is much easier, however this tends to lead to pretty crappy UIs and generally simplified combat (since thumbsticks lack the precision of a proper mouse), The Witcher 2 and Skyrim are both good examples, and they're not even isometric RPGs (so they should be easier to fit a controller control scheme, but developers pretty much never do so, because good enough is good enough and suckers will buy it anyway, at least you can mod the crappy UI away in Skyrim)

Is it so hard to accept that certain games are just *better* with certain input methods? No-one would argue that playing beat-em-ups with a keyboard is generally subpar to doing so with a controller. Nor would anyone argue that playing a proper flight sim without a joystick is masochistic. So *why* does everyone want to force a controller interface on genres (like isometric tactical RPGs and RTS games) that are clearly not served by them?

EDIT: btw, Torchlight is also playable with a controller (though, imho, the experience is still much worse than with a kb+mouse), because torchlight is a very simple game when it comes to controls, just like Sacred 2 and just like Diablo.

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