Update V1.0.63
July 10 - lar
Hello everybody,
First of all, thank you for all the feedback. Divinity:Original Sin is a big game and it's sometimes hard for us to see where things go wrong. You've been absolutely fantastic in helping us out and as a result we have a number of fixes that should help out several people:
Added more error reporting when save files are not written away correctly
Optimised texture streaming & sound loading to reduce stuttering on some systems. More optimisations are coming
Fix for bone totem problems in the Luculla mines
Fix for end game not triggering correctly under certain circumstances
Better resolution detection
Fixed issues with changing multiplayer settings
Fixed a number of crashes
Followers now move in a less jittery manner
Fixed issue with combining stacks of items
Fixed issue in multiplayer that caused two peers to get the same character assigned
Updated French & German translations
Have fun!