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Best example for turn-based tactical party combat on console should imo be XCOM Enemy Unknown.

That's of course not an RPG but it could at least be an example how to transfer the combat to controller. But it would need a whole new GUI (everything ring or list based) of course.

And of course there is Diablo III which as well offers a completely distinct UI (and even experience) on console.

I still think there's no need for this, when you can just port the controls over.
It's a turn based game, so selecting stuff with a cursor being slower does not affect the gameplay at all.

Not just slower: less precise. I suggest you try it, there are utilities like Xpadder that let you remap games that don't have controller support to support controllers. For games like D:OS and Baldur's Gate the user experience is just beyond horrible (you end up zooming in and out all the time in D:OS alternating between being able to see what is going on and being able to comfortably select something on the battlefield, trust me, it's tedious at best).

And as LC mentioned, designing a proper inventory UI for the kind hugge inventories you tend to end up with (certified packrat here) seems beyond most (certainly CDPR and Bethesda failed pretty majorly in that regard)

PS: also didn't notice this was an old thread, just noticed someone it was on the first page with a recent reply. Whoops.

* as usual this is imho (unless stated otherwise); feel free to disagree, ignore or try to change my mind. Agreeing with me is ofc also allowed, but makes for much worse flamewarsarguments.

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