Dunno if it has been said but, it's possible to create a working Divinity OS with the controller, don't see why not. The game is payed in turns, so, you have plenty of time to do exactly what you want, and while you're wandering in the field, you can press a button to call for an arrow and click on objects OR when you're close to intractable objects, you can cycle through them, and main objects (like chests and boxes) can be opened with a click...

Honestly, this game isn't that hard to port to a controller, just complex. If you port to PS4 you have the small pad that can function as an arrow, and with WiiU gamepad, you can simply touch the screen.

Loving the game with mouse and keyboard, but, many people can't play this masterpiece because they don't have a PC, you should really port it to consoles.

Quick edit - games that I played on consoles that were isometric:
- Champions of Norrath
- Champions of Norrath Return to Arms
- Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance
- Baldurs Gate Dark ALliance 2
- Sacred 2

All of them were awesome (except for Sacred 2 because the port was badly done, and had to buy it for PC... and it's one of my favorite nowadays).
Champions Return to Arms is IMO the best console Isometric RPG game, I ficnihed the game (and the 1st one) more than 5 times each one... co-op and solo.

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