I think this game reminds me of the first Dragon Age. Though it was RTwP, DA had the same strategic feel about it in combat as D:OS and it had similar approach to skills. It was made on consoles as well, but from what I hear, it was much worse than pc version when it came to controls. It is very difficult to implement party member switching, command issuing and strategic spell placement with precision and ease on a controller. I don't even know what they'd do if there was so much pixel hunting in DA as it is in D;OS. Bioware even removed the strategic mode from the Dragon Age 2 because of that, but decided to return it in Dragon Age: Inquisition, overhauled and streamlined. We'll see how good it is, but I'm still never in my life gonna play that type of game on a console. So no, I don't think that making D:OS on consoles will bring devs anything but a headache, tons of wasted time and complaints about inferior controls compared to pc version. Some types of games are just not good with controller. Like strategies, and D:OS is very strategic.

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