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I was thinking and actually I think where things are headed are tablets not consoles. BG I/II was recently released on tablet as well as XCOM. Obsidian is also release an interesting RPG on the tablet.
Now what we need are 'touch' controllers that have sensors like a tablet to use with the big screen smile

Touch interfaces are a fad in terms of a replacing current PC inputs for gaming. It is like Wii, sure... it is fun, it has its niche uses, there are some really cool things you can do with it, but when it comes down to it, you aren't going to see people wanting to play long sessions (common in RPGs) making large physical movements.

That is not to say that a touch system can't be successful in some implementations, but not with the current setup of monitors (ie a screen sitting in front of you vertically).

Even if you tried to create a more natural approach to an interface, like for instance this:

There is still a lot of large physical movement going on to which will get tiring very quickly, even for those in good shape.

A keyboard and mouse provide the most optimal interface for comfort, precision, and depth of input control (number of input combinations) with the least amount of physical effort required. This is ideal for long play sessions of RPGs.

Controllers win out over keyboard/mice when it concerns comfort and least physical involvement, but... they lack precision and depth of input control.

I don't see the keyboard/mouse going anywhere soon and making games for the other input methods, while interesting and briefly entertaining (occulus rift, motion sensors, etc...) for specific purposes (ie limited immersion, exercise or short play) , they are not ideal for complex RPG systems.

It is going to be a difficult road for Larian to abide controllers, unless...

They create their own controller, designed from the ground up to facilitate this exact style of game (considering how they loathe physical releases, I don't see this going over well). I am not sure how it would work, how it would look, but it is the only way I see them being able to retain the complex interface designs of an RPG and have the relaxed comfort of a controller interface.

I mean, lets face it... the controller argument is essentially an argument of wanting to "kick back, relax, and play a game with minimal effort". Maybe it is just me, but I think that ideal is a bit conflicting with what a tactical and technical RPG is. /shrug

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