The game still has way too many issues to be ignored, ranging from gamebreaking bugs to plain imbalance.
I couldnt find a proper thread for release, so here it is

- Random loot generator is stupid, forcing save/load behaviour. Random drops should be generated at level load for example, not when you open the chest

- Puzzles doesnt make any sense "Find tiny switch on a dark side of cave, while game doesnt even hint you're supposed to solve a puzzle

- Experience is limited, while there is totally no penalty for having an NPC's, just doenst make any sense really.

- New NPC auto levels to your level, making it possible to stash "crafters" and other unitilty NPC in Hall of Heroes (intended? still stupid anyway)

- BUG! If you hire a new NPC, dismiss and hire again it will gain 200% all resist, lots of HP etc. Breaks the game totally

- Lore is delivered in huge tomes which feature two lines of text. what?

- NPC are ridicuously talkative, while featuring no dialogue varitaion. Even if you've long solved Jake Mureder you'll still get those lines from everyone in Cyseal

- The PC vs Monsters is heavily imbalanced. To the point nearly every combination is exploitable, making combat mundane at every difficulty level

There are actually tons of small bugs, illogical stuff, imbalance etc just would take too long to list it

There is totally NO excuse for all this, the game has been in development for way too long.