Yep. Wanted to mention that actually. Right now I'm pretty confused about how all these different scraps correlate to the "armor classes". The drop-down box of categories in ItemCombos.xlsm is actually not comprehensive, but through trial and error I think I've deduced that there's actually just three armor classes; cloth, leather, and "scale" - which includes what the game calls scale, metal, and plate. Yet there are five kinds of scraps.

I think the intent was for the higher level scraps to be used for boost recipes with higher blacksmithing skill, like for example where you're attaching metal to cloth at BR 5. But there are holes in the implementation so I can't be sure.

I also figured we could just make up other uses for the scraps, like arrowheads.

But I'm not stuck on the randomization idea. Gotta sleep on that one too. wink

Also, I realized after I posted v03 that TOOL_Hammer_Repair_A doesn't actually work, for some reason. I have to double check I didn't make a typo, or maybe that tool is special and can't be used in crafting recipes at all. Can't use the regular hammer since that's already got a recipe for metal scraps.