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I just bought and downloaded this game tonight, and my heart started sinking pretty soon after starting. OK, I didn't give it much of a chance (about 30 minutes - only as far as arriving with my starting party in town after landing), but I've already put the game aside just after starting it. I might try it again if I get very bored some day.

Have the following personal gripes based on my admittedly very short experience:

1. Crafting. I really, really abhor the drudgery they call crafting in games. And the first stuff I find to clutter my inventory with is a bunch of irritating crafting ingredients... I know I could have checked this out before buying the game, but I'm lazy and had a free Friday night for game playing tonight, so I just bought and downloaded something turn based with good reviews(I almost exclusively buy turn based games).

2. Point of view. I find continually adjusting the point of view to whichever direction the characters are walking, and/or scrolling off the map edge to see ahead, to be a bit of a constant labour. I would generally like to zoom out much further. Even to be able to just zoom out to a broader overhead 2D simplistic overview of the surroundings for most of the game would be a great improvement, and then zoom in to 3D surroundings for any tactical combat.

3. NPC interactions. OK, I've only done about 2 or 3 NPC interactions in my very short in-game experience, but they seemed very underwhelming. Simplistic, clich馘 straight line conversations.

4. Why include all those starting classes, rather than just shape your speciality gradually during the game? Who will play the game again after finishing it once? Who will sit through all the same conversations and combats one more time with sligtly different starting characters?

Admittedly my experience with the game is pretty damned short, and maybe I missed some options/possibilities, but this game never even got me started, and it just didn't feel like fun. And I do get hooked on games, just looks like this won't be one of them.

I hate Baldurs Gate.
Man, I started and talked to this one Guy in Candlekeep and there was no voiceover! Maybe I try again if I am bored.

...not sure if trolling...