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Even with its fixed the game would still be unexciting but at least it wouldnt feel like "still in beta

OP is allowed to have his/her opinions, and I respect that, but what is up with people that call their opinion as fact. It gets me puzzeled every time.

Sure I agree that there are some bugs and rough edges, but I never played a game in the last 30 years that didn't had them in various degrees. They are still pushing out patches.

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There is totally NO excuse for all this, the game has been in development for way too long.

This another one. By whoms definition did it take "way too long"?

Obviously according to your critizism they released it too quickly, because that post gave me the feeling you thought it wasn't ready for launch yet due to "too many issues to be ignored" and "gamebreaking bugs".

I think this is a fantastic game. Sure I ran into some wierd things, and they should indeed be reported so hopefully the devs can fix a number of them, but I realy don't think your post is constructive enough so that Larian can actually do anything with it.

Saying something is stupid is realy not helping anyone. It comes off to me that you just wanted to rant instead of bringing ideas to the table on how certain things could be fixed/changed in your opinion for the better. Maybe then (or not) Larian can actually consider changing something for a better experience for you.

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