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Another another "noob" review:


I can't take any review serious anymore in which the reviewer didn't even try the co-op mode. Even PC Gamer fell for this. Nobody would review a Call of Duty without trying and playing the MP mode intensively. But for D:OS some reviewers seem to be totally fine with not even mentioning the co-op mode although it's the PRIMARY game mode of this game...


Co-op is the primary game mode? Gee, I guess I've been wasting all my time playing single-player, when I was supposed to play the multi-player. Shucks, thanks for letting me know that.

Not everyone cares for multi-player, you know. Reviews based on single-player alone are perfectly valid, so long as they state that. After all, co-op is only as good as the person you're partnered with. Single-player is as good as Larian devised it to be, so it's a better example of the quality of the game.