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Another another "noob" review:


I can't take any review serious anymore in which the reviewer didn't even try the co-op mode. Even PC Gamer fell for this. Nobody would review a Call of Duty without trying and playing the MP mode intensively. But for D:OS some reviewers seem to be totally fine with not even mentioning the co-op mode although it's the PRIMARY game mode of this game...


Co-op is the primary game mode? Gee, I guess I've been wasting all my time playing single-player, when I was supposed to play the multi-player. Shucks, thanks for letting me know that.

Not everyone cares for multi-player, you know. Reviews based on single-player alone are perfectly valid, so long as they state that. After all, co-op is only as good as the person you're partnered with. Single-player is as good as Larian devised it to be, so it's a better example of the quality of the game.

No, I disagree. That might be ok for a user review on Steam or Metacritic but not for a professional one. This game is made and designed as a co-op experience from the core. Not even trying the co-op mode is pathetic in a professional review (such as PC Gamer's). And none of these reviews particularly mark themselves as SP-reviews anyway. In D:OS co-op and SP are perhaps equally important (both are primary game modes, so not THE but A, sry) so there is no reason to only review one. Especially given the fact that some points of critique (like story or UI) are much less of an issue if you play in co-op because you notice that the whole game design with story and UI was developed with the co-op experience in mind. Without even mentioning the co-op or trying it out you cast and unjustified (and uniformed) shadow over the game...

It's perfectly fine to play D:OS or CoD or whatever only in SP. Why not? I only play them in SP myself tbh. But that doesn't mean that a professional reviewer shouldn't cover basic game modes of a game they review. That's just SLOPPY and UNPROFESSIONAL. And that's not only my opinion, that's a fact.

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