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Roy's Menagerie

I know, there are 1 or 2 threads about that quest..but there is still no solution. I talked to to doreen... then i left the place. When I came back to that place, they were gone...and I can't find them anywhere around the area. Any ideas?

Thanks so far.

I didn't know what to do, only some time later I asked the teacher in the classroom in Sacred Stone about some animals. He said the animals were sacrificed. Then the quest closed saying "it's too late". At least you can check if you've missed doing anything.

I was one of those who made a thread about this, but hadn't gotten a reply yet. I didn't get that there was some urgency to this quest like there was to the two guys in the healer house in Cyseal, so I left it in backlog. Oh well... At least I'll close this quest. I did have the feeling that the guy was going to sell them on Hunter's Edge, but I didn't make note of what he said. Next playthrough I'll know better. =P