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Hi folks! Wanted to drop and post that we are putting the review under...well....review, but it seems like you guys already posted that.

There are a number of quality issues that we've run into with this review. Certainly we missed the price point, and apparently the 'press alt to see stuff and things' portion. I can assure you, however, that we aren't "lying" to make the game seem bad. I know a lot of the Larian guys personally, and I see them multiple times a year at trade shows. I wouldn't do that, and neither would Lucious. In point of fact, he's a pretty hardcore RPG'er, so I'm surprised if he missed things. It isn't an excuse, but we did write just about a million words at E3, so we are a little tired and behind - might have caused some issues here.

The screenshots that were used were likely dredged from the internet. He should have snapped them himself. We'll fix that. They are also stretched. Again, we'll get that sorted.

I'll ask for this - patience and understanding. Patience as we shore this up to the high quality of our other reviews (we do have nearly 2000 of them at this point), and understanding that Lucious, like all of us at GT, are volunteers. We do this because we LOVE videogames. These are our opinions, and sometimes we get it wrong. We'll make it right.

As for our scoring system - Check out our Review Philosophy here:
We put a lot of thought into it to try to reverse the common trend of "anything less than 80 is a fail" that most sites use.

Thanks to the folks who came here to provide constructive feedback. smile


75 = Good Not ground-breaking, but largely a positive experience.

If that is what you guys think... AFTER the reviews we can easily mull over that you have made of past games?


You sir are completely full of shit.

I mean, how any company could use your review for market analysis is beyond me.

The player base is pushing 90's and hell, you could take the position of "well, user reviews tend to be slanted" which might be a good excuse to drop the score about 5-10 points over HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE, but you go and score it a 75? REALLY?

Pathetic. Send your reviewer back to Burger King. I think "would you like fries with that" is better suited to his skills.

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