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I think what the Rogue really needs is something to do with its off hand. Perhaps some form of dual-wielding; perhaps some form of Dexterity-based shield. Perhaps both; options are good. Or perhaps neither, and some other solution I haven't thought of yet. Whatever works. The point being, pure Rogue isn't a wise course of action at present.
I think maybe reducing some rogue AP costs to near nothingness could be a good solution. Having the ability to just demolish a single target would be a very good step in the right direction.

I'm not saying they don't kind of have said ability right now but they don't stand out enough compared to other builds.
I've been thinking about my original suggestion here, and it actually wouldn't work, then there would be less incentive to go Str/Dex hybrid for shields.

I think maybe the problem is simply that Rogues do not have enough skills. You can count the number of Rogue skills which are not melee-range-only with one hand. (Rangers have a similar issue, with their skills being mainly circumstantial status except for three damaging skills, but I consider this okay, due to access to special arrows.)

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