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"Don't forget to fix "Lorian" instead of Larian in the start, and please, get someone who doesn't want his hand held and someone who knows what a "journal" is, to review the game."

We'll get that fixed - thanks for that. As for the journal, there is a balance between 'hand holding' and 'unintuitive'. Without having played the game myself yet (I picked it up after this bit of fun), I can't say where this falls in the spectrum. I shouldn't have to pore over a huge manual to "learn to play" - this isn't Falcon 4.0. (Yea, I'm old)

Well, the game rewards progress made by own exploration. It's not about sinking endless times in a manual but the game provokes and requires your own critical thinking. How could that work? How could I solve that quest? Where could I go next?

But I agree that the journal itself is sometimes just too vague by not storing the proper information you've leant in dialogues or by other means. That happens not often but sometimes.

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