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Looks like mid 80s.

"You sir are completely full of shit. " Thanks for the well-reasoned and clearly erudite response. I'll make sure I log that in the appropriate bin.

"but you go and score it a 75? REALLY?" - Before I respond to this, you DO realize that reviews are subjective right? Not every person will like every thing. I like Blade Runner. Most people do. Some people find it to be absolutely terrible. It doesn't make them, to use your parlance, "Full of shit".

"Pathetic. Send your reviewer back to Burger King." - Thanks for your valuable feedback.

Funny how some low reviews can drop a score right? You scored lower than the fraud panned review, so don't act as if you were somehow being reasonable.

This is all subjective, but when you pass out 90's for games that are commonly known as garbage, and then pan this game, it shows extreme ignorance to this title.

The fact that you have users here trying to educate you on your own job? /sigh

Sir, if you worked for me, you would be fired.