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You do realize that we get copies of games well in advance of release, right? In this case, I went and checked the email date and it's the 30th - the day of release. There were bugs on release that were fixed over several patches, so I can't say that Lucious didn't have bugs to contend with if he started playing on the first day. There was a patch just today that fixed a dozen more bug items. To suggest anything else is just silly.

Well, in that case I was correct, wasn't I? If he got the game at release day (June 30th) he couldn't play it in advance of the release. I know quite well that in many cases the press gets review codes a while before release but not in this particular case... wink

I just wanted to make that clear to avoid misunderstandings. That doesn't mean that he couldn't encounter bugs during his playthrough. No game is bug free and there is a reason why Larian constantly release updates for the game.

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