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Clicks are pretty easy to come by. We don't need to throw out low reviews to do that. As I said before, if we botched this we'll fix it and I'll contact Metacritic and Gamerankings to have our review pulled until it hits where it should.

Thanks for that, as you can see there are allot of people here passionate about the game.
I do want to thank you for actually taking the time and posting here and in my book you get a browny point for that.

I hope you can understand that we've seen a number of reviews now which have used beta information or where we clearly see that the reviewer didn't really play the game enough to provide a factual review and that's why tempers flare high sometime.

I really hope that you will take the time to play this game, it's a great game and lots of fun.
A fact-filled and informative review of this game is really only possible if you've put a good amount of time into playing this game. It's really not something you can play for 10-20h and then have a good understanding of.

P.S. you said you are old and busy my wife and I are both 40's work full time (well more than full time) jobs so only get to play this game seriously on the weekends and we aren't struggling too badly with finding this etc. Also my wife isn't a big gamer and we are having zero problems with any difficulty on normal.

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