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Apparently there are recipes to create super belts for regular rabbit paws, but not lucky rabbit paws.

Would you add
Destroy2Transform1 LOOT_Rabbit_Paw_SuperAmulet_A_Lucky + LOOT_Rope_A = LOOT_Rabbit_Paw_SuperBelt_A_Lucky, Crafting 3

Will do. I'll probably start a new post what with the edit time limit.

I've been giving some thought to pixie dust. It's a gating item for a lot of things, yet it depends on a pretty rare resource, the stardust plant. (Or moonstone if you're desperate.) It's probably outside the scope of this mod - just fixing things like exactly what you noted there - but what's your opinion on making pixie easier to produce or even removing it as a step in some recipes?

(I'm still not even into Luculla yet, maybe things do change past the first act?)