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Bought the game yesterday and i'm also having the save loop hang. Has happened twice so far, first time lost 30 mins, then today had a long game with no problems, and suddenly thought, oh, i haven't saved for a while...save...hang...lost 1h50... frown

Great game, but save failing? That's a game breaker. I mean most intermittent bugs you save more often to accommodate them, but when the bug IS saving, you are a bit screwed.

I'm tempted to stop playing for the moment and come back when it is fixed, does an email get sent out with the next patch or do i have to check somewhere?

I thought this may have got sorted out during the pre-release which is why i waited, tis rather annoying to not be able to play my 」30 game...


This exactly. It's ruining a wonderful game and the experience. I keep thinking "I should just reboot the game after I get away with 2 saves" ?!?! Nobody should have to think that about a game. It's craziness.