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I know, but he keeps defending it. He represents the journal and by proxy the reviews his site provides. It would be fine if he would have fully admitted the review was extremely poor and stopped there. He didn't though, he began to defend the score, the review, etc...

People defend things when they are too scared to accept the flaws in them, and judging by the other reviews on the site - 1.5 years late D3 review is somehow fair to the 3 weeks after release review of Original Sin, 99 for Mass Effect 3, Fallout 3 having a higher score than New Vegas (laughable), I'd say this website has no credibility and they have exactly 0 quality control of their reviews.

Their Fallout 3 reviews is filled with lies, blatant lies out the backend. Their New Vegas review is a broken snippet of text that makes little sense. I smell SHILL in the air.
(seriously, look at this, Yikes, my eyes! indeed)
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