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If you are a new buyer (i.e. after release - and not kick starter backer) you will only get the keys inside the box. The collector's edition contains two copies of the game though. But you will have to wait until the box arrives.

Ah, that's a bummer. Thanks for the heads up. I would have thought they'd have the keys in the collectors edition linked in a database so if someone bought a physical copy they could get the key in an email, especially since we have to register with Larian to do the mail order on the box set. There's probably a reason they didn't do it that way, but it would have made the decision to spring for one a bit easier.

Does anyone know if the save files are transferable from one version of the game to another? Was thinking I could just get a standard digital version while I'm waiting for the collectors edition to arrive and maybe gift the spare key to a friend.

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