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Since they apparently didn't run into bugs on Diablo 3, they didn't include it in the review--so what's this review doing mentioning bugs that apparently were from research after playing it? (and there are some bugs out there, some bad, most relatively minor, that cannot be denied, but nothing really uncommon from a AA cRPG on release; it's not like NWN or NWN2 were flawless upon its release, far from it).
No, I didn't run into a single bug in Diablo III for the console. Not one through two plays through with four characters. So no, I didn't mention anything in the review about bugs. Lucious ran into bugs in this game, minor or otherwise. Just because it's a cRPG doesn't mean it gets a free pass.

Doesn't answer my question. If your reviews don't factor in bugs you don't find while playing them, while is the review mentioning bugs that Lucious didn't find? You know what I said but chose to answer a different question instead.

Guys, before you start praising this guy's character, you should have seen his attitude on the steam forums. He was quick to chastise people here for "personal attacks" when it wasn't more than criticism, then chose to attack me on the steam forums and told me how appropriate my username is, etc.

He's here because, quite simply, he got pissed off at everyone making noise about it.

Post screengrabs of the posts on the Steam forum please. I look through a lot of their reviews and the practices of this publication are no different to those of IGN and other AAA-shill-centric publications.