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Are you at any point going to have an argument apart from "everything is an opinion and all reviews should always be subjective and objectivity is a lie".

No, because that's what a review is at its core. Of course it can and should offer insight in the mechanics of a game (that's why I said that there can be "technical failures" in a review based on a wrong presentation of features or facts) and what is offered in a game. But the final verdict of a review - which is quantified in a score - , the question whether a game is fun or not regardless of all its mechanics, elements and genre conventions is a pure subjective assessment. So you can even criticise a game like Mass Effect 3 a lot for features you don't like or you think could be improved but that doesn't necessarily change the overall enjoyment you have while playing the game.

Because, according to you, reviews are completely meaningless and worthless,

If you think that the opinion of other people is in general completely meaningless and worthless, then yes, indeed. But in fact the "value" of a review is that you probably know the preferences and tastes of the given reviewer and therefore you can evaluate whether your own entertainment might coincidence with the entertainment of the reviewer or not.

also you misunderstood half of what I wrote, due maybe in part to the way I wrote it,

I love generalizations...

regardless, honest question, are you at any point going to own to the fact that things are quantifiable and if reviewers ignore this, they are shit at their job.

They are shit at their job if they think a game review is the same thing as a product review and that's it. Like every other medium a video game is a work of art that can appeal to someone or not. It's not a product that "has to work" in a certain predefined way. There are "broken features" which mean that they don't work like intended. Mass Effect 3 doesn't even have one such feature tbh.

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Or should I simply leave the thread and save myself the hassle?

Maybe you should. Nothing I could say will change your mind anyway I guess.

also yes, when a game is compromised in order to appeal to the lowest common denominator, it is generally of lesser quality, than when it is kept high quality for the sake or artistry and respect for the consumer

There is a risk indeed. You can nevertheless enjoy such a "mainstream" game and give it a high score if it's exactly what you want to play. There is nothing wrong with that.