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There is a risk indeed. You can nevertheless enjoy such a "mainstream" game and give it a high score if it's exactly what you want to play. There is nothing wrong with that.

There is a lot wrong with that, to an extreme (mainstream games generally have payed reviews), when you give a game which was compromised in order to appeal a high score

"Compromised"? Offering a certain set of features is not compromising anything, it's just offering a certain set of features. Just because you don't like a certain set of features doesn't make it objectively wrong. Just stop trying to push your opinion about ME3 or other games on everyone, like everyone had to hate these games just because you decided so.

Reviews dictate public opinion, 90% of all reviews are purchased marketing

Stopped reading there. I don't think our discussion makes any sense anymore. Discussions with conspiracist are imo pointless in general, sry. Believe whatever you want to believe. You're entertaining but only to a certain extend, so let's stop here.

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