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If you think that that was tin foil talk, you must be completely ignorant of the real world buddy.

I could say the same about you (even though I don't know what "fin foil talk" is). But it's pointless anyway.

No, seriously, do you not understand how businesses work?

No, do YOU not understand what I'm actually talking about? Why do you still bothering me after you clearly presented yourself as some conspirasist? I don't discuss with conspirasist in general since it's pointless and neverending.

If you're not able to talk about the topic at hand (the nature of a video game review) there is not even a theoretical point in continuing this discussion. Try to missionize somebody else, please, whom you can impress with your theories about decline and conspiracy (I suggest RPGcodex if you want to find a lot of likeminded people). I'm tired of that crap...

But just for your information: I've studied business. I know exactly how it works.