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Obviously not, because you're suggesting that a common practice in the entertainment industry, intended to drive sales up, known to drive sales up and that can easily be observed (firing someone for a bad review of a game you're displaying ads for, giving a known bad game good reviews while displaying ads for it, reviewers getting free stuff non-stop, Dorito Pope, etc.) is some conspiracy talk.

1) Making a game in a certain way to make it more appealing to a broader audience has nothing to do with reviews but with sales.
2) Mass Effect 3 is NOT a "known bad game", that's only your opinion. If you want to be taken ANY serious stop trying to prevent as if your own opinion was some kind of fact. It's not. It's just your opinion and every other individual can have a different opinion which is equally valid.
3) Placing ads on a site doesn't mean that reviews are bought or influenced. That is just your speculation without any valid proof (=conspiracy) which is not only ignorant but also egocentric and just plain laughable. I know quite a few gaming journalist IN PERSON and I know that none of them would ever change or compromise a review to appease a publisher or the chief editor, no matter how many ads they have for the same game on their page and no matter how much they hyped the game before.
4) How do you explain a 9/10 for Diviniy: Original Sin from sites as GameInformer which are probably among the biggest "press drones" in the industry? Have EA forgotten to pay them this time to devalue other RPGs? Jesus, that is so childish, dude...
5) Haha, firing guys for reviews with a too bad score? I geuss you have MASSIVE examples for that and not only the one case you've preserved for the last ten years (if you have any at all). I know quite a bunch of guys in the industry which gave bad scores for big AAA games without being fired for it, not at all. But I got it: you like generelizations. Another sign of a conspiracist...

This is some of the most ignorant stuff I've read online, and I've been to reddit, abandoning thread, have a nice day.

Would be better since you're obviously out or arguments. Like I said, you might find more applaus for your laughable theories on RPGcodex (or on Reddit I guess).

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