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Maybe this problem was reported somewhere, but that's what I get. Everything saves just fine, but when I'm trying to overwrite existing savegame, process never stops: saving logo (with rotating circle) appears on screen, but never disappears. I waited for half an hour, but it didn't stopped. I hear music but the game isn't responding. The only way was to kill process via Ctrl+Alt+Del.

I expect it was just your fourth or so save in one play session? Including autosaves.

Double-checked everything. It seems you are right, this thing happens on my fourth saving (counting autosaves and quicksaves).

It's good we are slowly tracking it down. Seems it can happen on region transitions too when the locations unload. (Spoiler)... When i chose which patient to heal and the region unloaded, my game crashed then.

Main thing to remember at the moment an autosave IS a save, so don't forget and play after the 3rd save, if unsure, quit and restart :p...

The really annoying thing is, because i know the save system is unsafe i actually save more often meaning that i don't get very far after 3 saves either...

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