Does every single player have loading/saving issues? I dont see a single comment from anyone who dont have the problem? And if there is someone who doesnt have the problem, why do you think he/she doesnt have the problem?

Iエve had it since I started a few days ago with and problem continues. I manually save both before and after conversations, before and after barters, before and after entering caves and so on. This is the way I Progress in the game atm. It Works, but itエs annoying smile

I experince crashes both on manually saves, Automatic saves and quick saves and there doesnt seem to be any pattern at all. The question is why itエs random? For me it doesnt occur every time i load or same but every 2-7 times i load/save.

I do hope that this is a prioritised matter since itエs a question of being able to play the game at all, and to be honest, you could do a lot better with communicating the status of this issue either through you website, social media or steam so that the players understand that there is something being done about this problem. People who are buying this game are paying your salary and for some it might be a lot of Money buying this game.

I found the support Tool and will do my part and install it and report all the crashes i experience even though im personally against using my time, trying to fix something that should be working from the start.

D:OS is a awesome game and I have been looking for something simular since Fallout 1 and 2. I hope there will be ad-ons and sequels but next time I will wait a few weeks/months before i Invest Money and know that all the "diseases" are gone. Atleast the ones that makes the game non-playble. smile