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Yup, definitely hoping they can now make a new RPG without Kickstarter, and thus all the related issues and entitlement-fringes that come with it.
Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a gamer if I see my fellow KS'ers being worse than producers. What point is KS is we're worse than the thing it's supposed to help against. Really?

You fight single people with generalizations? You are actually not better than them...

Most kickstarter backers are just happy with the game. Only VERY FEW of them complain about something.

I think Larian will do a kickstarter again. But maybe they will make less "fixed" stretch goals this time. And they should only make digital games like Swen said himself. I think Larian had the perfect "balance" in their funding for D:OS: their own money, kickstarter money and Early Access money. That way they had enough money at every time in the development circle. Early develpment and basic game designed funded with own money until you have a working prototpye you can present for a kickstarter. Kickstarter money to enable additional features and the second stage of development. Early Access for the final stage of polishing, bugfixing and implementing customer feedback. I think Larian would be well advised to stick to that "path to success". wink