Agree with you on the pricing issue Gyson, but that can honestly be managed as long as you set clear expectations. That's honestly what's been lacking from allot of KS's. People seem to expect that they pay less than the game at release for backing early. A developer can manage that expectation by clearly communicating this at the start of the KS and defining what price points they are offering the game at KS and what it will be at early access and release.
Honestly I think Larian has done a pretty good job of it and I've not seen many complaints on the pricing side for D:OS.

Kickstarter Pricing was from 20-28$ per copy which is way below what early access/released title was.
Considering KS takes 5% and Amazon takes another 3-5% so compared that's 10% compared to 30% from steam.

So if you compare:
Kickstarter 28$ -10% = 25$
Steam 40$ -30% = 28$

So if you take both Larian's benefit as well as the populations benefits into consideration KS is a good deal on all accounts.

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