KS and steam early access have their downsides and problems, but the advantages to a mid-low-funds developer are way bigger than you can expect.

It means extra feedback, free beta testing, comunity/word-of-mouth free publicity, extra funds in a time that small developers are realy pressured with costs, etc.

Surely KS and Early access have their hassles as forum trolls tend to flock towards this kind of projects with terrible force and complaints, but all-in-all the good outweight the bads by a long shot.

With this remark i have to say that i hope larian launches another KS for the next game. If it's a well-known franchise that people know and like, it has all the potential to be a sucess.

If they launch a KS for a sequel of D:OS people might not react as well since they know K:OS made some profit and thus people might think larian is leeching for money (it might be false but people are mean by nature).

If larian does try to buy a well-known franchise as Sven already hinted and needs some extra cash, i realy believe then fans will flock towards the project and the KS will be an immense sucess because larian already proved with K:OS they can manage a KS very well, and deliver a high quality final product.

i would like larian to try and make a more serious RPG like... for example... a Vampire the masquerade cRPG... or perhaps a new Ultima ? hum, tasty... I'm realy curious what they want next, in the meantime i'll end my 2nd playthrough of D:OS smile