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I saw this mentioned by Lar in an interview with Eurogamer:

"Nobody believes us but we really don't have anything planned. This was all in for us. This was part of our plan when we started to go independent, that we'd make the biggest RPG we could with what we had in terms of money, and then we'll see what comes out of it.

"So we went all in. We have to pay back our debts now, because we made a lot of them. It looks like that's going to happen. And then we will see. But for sure we will make a big fuss of whatever it is when we announce it."

Vincke then said he plans to try to obtain the license for a mystery role-playing franchise - but stopped short of saying what it was.

"There was a certain license we tried to get, but they haven't replied to us," he said. "Maybe now they will reply to us! I'm not going to tell you, because that will ruin the chances of me getting it.

"We asked them a couple of months ago, so we'll ask them again now. Maybe they'll be interested. It's in the RPG space, that's for sure.

"If they refuse to answer this time I'm going to put it in the press and then hopefully something will happen. Or I'll launch a Kickstarter and say, this is the game we want to make, but we don't have the license yet. But maybe we can get it this way."

Could this license be Dark Eye? I would really love a sequel to Drakensang: River of Time by Larian.

Maybe. I'd like that as I really liked River of Time (except for the clunky combat).

However, considering that Daedalic (Blackguards) and Noumena Studios / Kalypso (TDE: Demonicon) both have recently made games with TDE, I'd think Larian wouldn't have that much trouble getting it... Or maybe that makes it harder, I'm far from an expert on how this licensing stuff works. Unless they're actually trying to get the Drakensang IP from Bigpoint as well, but considering that the River of Time sold so poorly that Radon Labs went bankrupt, I'm not sure that Larian would be that interested in it.

Moreover, The Dark Eye isn't even all that popular in the US (or anywhere outside of Germany AFAIK) , I'm inclined to think it's something else. D&D?

I don't know, but if they make an RPG with gameplay similar to D:OS (tatctical turn-based) I'm definitely interested, no matter the setting. But I'd love if it's something sci-fi as they're aren't nearly enough Sci-fi cRPGs out there. Or steampunk or anything other than good ole medieval fantasy.

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