I'm really torn on Steam Early Access and how it works today.

On one hand, certain companies "abuse" Steam Early access to basically sell their game free of criticism. They are able to profit off their game, but use Early Access as a shield to prevent people from criticizing their game. Meanwhile, they are charging a premium price for it, just like if it were an actually released game. In addition, it still shows up on important Steam pages/lists like Top Sellers, Featured, and New Releases. This ensures that the early access game gets exposure and sells. And I mean, with a deal like this...why would you ever release your game? You can just continue to sell it and use early access as an "excuse" for any problems.

But on the other hand, early access really does allow some companies to make their games better. D:OS is a perfect example, Larian has stated the SEA gave them the funding and feedback they needed to really make it what it is. And if SEA can contribute to a game as awesome as D:OS...then it really can't be all bad.

Anyway, I think there is a simple solution to the problems that currently surround SEA. SEA games should NOT appear on the main steam pages. They should have their own area, like Greenlight, so that people have to be SPECIFICALLY looking for SEA games to find them.

This would prevent people from abusing SEA to sell and even market games "as if" they were released, but be immune to criticism. It would also still allow the more legitimate use of SEA, like getting additional funding and feedback for games that need them.