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I agree that "Early Access", or other forms of paid alpha/beta, have become far too common and prominent and developers have started to rely way too heavily on them. That's not really related to Kickstarter at all, though - nothing requires you to give alpha/beta access just because you sold your game through Kickstarter. You can do whatever you want.

Kickstarter is an amazing way to sell games - you get more than 90% of the revenue (compared to 70% with Steam), tons of people are willing to pay far more than normal purchase price, and you get all this money as basically a zero-interest advance loan on top of it. If you don't expect developers to continue using Kickstarter left and right, then you're kind of nuts.

I have no problem with Kickstarter, in fact, I still support it and will back games that I like and have faith in.

With Kickstarter, there should be no confusion about what you're doing when you invest money. You are not "pre-purchasing" a game, the game may fail and never even exist. You are putting your faith and money in a company/individual to create the product they are promising...and it is possible that they fail.

I know that some people are still confused about this, but that's on them.