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Also, I'm playing on Mac OS X, so I can't run your support tool. Do you have a Mac version?

There are built in tools on the Mac to get the info that the Windows support tool collects. Here is what I was told (though apparently it is not needed, since Stauff1138 just asked for the save):

Crash report is more than enough to diagnose anything. Even if it looks weird it's very good stuff.

Crash report is redundant. All the ending part (list of libs) can be omitted.

Users should use "System Profiler" to collect system info.

To diagnose DOS hang user can launch "Activity Monitor" then select Divinity and press "Sample" button. Resulting sample should be mailed to developers.

Crashes are never lost. They are collected inside the "Console" application.

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I don't have any such file on my computer, should I download it somewhere?

Yes, sorry; the start of the URL got cut off: D:OS support tool (for the PC version).