There are 3 priorities that need/must be addressed ASAP since they are game-breaking:

1) Memory Leak: until inevitable game crashes. From the time I load the game my CPU load will start at about 02 then go up steadily to about 73. The memory (private working set) from start of game to crash begins at about 22,000K and crashes at about 1,322,000K. It generally takes about 25 minutes of game-play before crashing (whether I save or not, but see saving the game below).

2) Saving the game: either endlessly saves or just plain crashes the game. Endless saves (when you try to save and the game freezes at the save screen until you ctr+alt+del) occur about every 4th save attempt. Before this patch, it would not actually save and you had to revert to loading a prior save file - after this patch it does seem to keep your save but you still have to exit and restart the game again (and with load times taking forever, it gets really annoying). Then there is the save that just plain crashes the game (it exits to your desktop with a windows pop-up).

3) FPS degradation: The game will start off at about 60 FPS, but very quickly (within 10 seconds) will drop over about 25 minutes until you are down to about 1 or 2 FPS, making the game unplayable.

These 3 issues (especially combined) make the game extremely hard to play and most people refuse to play at all until these issues are fixed (My roommate bought the game, played for about 3 days and quit and from the posts I have read so far in these forums, it looks like every single player has these 3 issues in some fashion as I have not seen 1 person post that they are not affected by these 3 issues).

I have verified the integrity of the game already (after this patch) and it was 100%.
I have used the D:OS game analysis tool. Everything passed and I generated a report which I emailed to Larian.

For others to compare, this is what my specs are-
OS: Windows 7 Home Ed 32 bit, service pack 1
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400@3.00GHz (2 cores)
Memory: 3070MB RAM
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 210 - 1024MB