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Maybe every reviewer is being paid by Kickstarter, to prove that massive successes can come from there wink

Och, unnecessary, and too much like charity for a business :P

More likely the reviewers all realise they're missing an event the longer they remain ignorant of the game, or theres an inherent momentum to the release of a good game - especially when its got shock & surprise value due to the glorious lack of marketing smile

Didn't see a suggestions thread, and some Larian are possibly reading this, so gotta say.... consider building on this game engine laterally, the systems now are all great, keep them, add more, judging by how the game performs on my system theres room.

This game proves it's a fallacy we've often heard to excuse reduction of complexity in games... "we're not streamlining.... we're funlining."

"Is it about a bicycle?"

- The Third Policeman