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You know I'm all in for subjective reviews/critics. But this piece of crap is just written in a that obnoxious and arrogant way that it's infuriating. It's not written as a "normal" and to the point review in which a reviewer gives his honest and direct opinion whether he personally thought the game was fun or not. It's written as witty and snarky as possible to give the reviewer some kind of artifical superiority with which he tries to eradicate his own subjectivity. This "review" (or should I say "bashing"?) is just plain awful to read and insulting to quite a lot of people, of course Larian but also everyone who likes the game (we, who we never demanded a game like that) . Unbearably arrogant, snarky and egocentric trash, that's what this review is. suspicion

Yeah completely agree, this review irritated me as well.

For him to say "no one asked for" the game, after many of have begged for a "classic" RPG game for a decade, is very annoying. He acts as if he alone knows what "all" gamers want, and Larian just went off and did their own thing, completely ignoring their audience.

Such BS.

It also annoys me because this review feeds into the "myth" that the "vast majority" of gamers want very linear, cinematic, hand-holding RPGs like Mass Effect 3 and DA2, as opposed to games like DOS.

That myth should be disproved by the sales that DOS has generated.