About the strong sinew in your mod as well:
In my last (or first try-out ^^ since I was sadly not part of the kickstarter thingie) I happen to notice I only got 1 sinew after you implemented it in your last revision.
I might be wrong but checked the *txt file and shouldn't it be:

"use object LOOT_Sinew_A_Strong on category Knife with transform code Transform1 parameters LOOT_Sinew_A,0,0,0,0,0,2,1 autolevel 0" instead?

Or is it some odd behavior to use the strong sinew on the knife else you only get 1? Deleted my old saves already and since I happen to have not that much time, I can't currently try.
I usually use "knife" on "things"..so I might be at fault...

[tbh: modding this game is a major headache...it starts by having 3 mod folders - documents, main path, data-path = seriously wtf. Now they even changed the *pak/savegame structure..it kinda reminds me at Shogun:TW, where every patch messed up any and every mod...]