I guess, most of the proper strategies are said by now, though:

- Lighthouse-Ghoul can be locked down by a spider-summon and also be killed (!) at least at lvl 9 or help with a bit fire-damage. Oddly, he/she/it just wasted APs to dance around my spider, while I brought in Madora..just to be finally killed by my 8-legged friend. (and you can stun & knockdown it as well..not sure about freezing)
- twins: as said above...waste a fire elemental scroll on them! (or spell ^^) They love to eat precious ice otherwise and Jahan was more than happy to give it to them...
The fire elemental also might have another purpose: to eat the stupid meteor thingie of braccus as well, if you happen to have more than 2 party member/summons on one close spot.
Didn't have to use my stun or stun-arrows on it, since ice-magic killed it really fast (at least in the fields it can be stunned = easy win)
- Lt. commander: I remember it being knockdown-immune, but can be debuffed like crazy (slow/witchcraft and alike) so its damage is a joke.

At this point I had gathered my 'cleric' fire&ice elemental around it, since twins/lighthouse were already dead...and Braccus did his meteor or whatever magic and killed the Lieutenant for me (thank you, dear Boss ^^)

I finally started to doubt the boss mechanic...he enraged (and kept on enraging ...), and tried to move while being flanked by a blood swarm, fire elemental, my cleric & madora =w00t? Not sure anymore, but water and air magic did nearly the same damage to him...

As already mentioned by others:
- spread your party (!)
- cast pre-emptive Jahan's rain (if you ain't playing with lone-wolf)
- give tasty ice to the twins
- give a poison-protected char to the ghoul/undead-thingie (or a spider really really does work well)
- put stupid summons around the boss ^^ (if yu seriously have a problem to beat him)

You can also lure him to the door, and do this and that...as said I was lvl 9 and my first try was only to figure out the tactic; beat him in my 2nd load.

If that helps...

[read he is or might be even doable at 6 on hard, though I slightly doubt that ^.^]

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