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Wish I could read it...

Any I for once don't believe in this "all reviewers are paid off" bs.

The very very short version is that it's the best RPG I have had the pleasure of in a long, long time. 9/10.

The slightly shorter (edit: longer), yet still short version is that it brings back what I enjoy about my definition of more classic RPGs, yet Larian could have enjoyed some pointers in user friendliness.

I want to make sure however, that you understand that I don't believe that user friendliness = lack of depth. No what we're missing are some more explanations of cause/effect in relation to character building, but also a more managable inventory. I, for one, was mighty confused when I found out Bully doesn't work on spells (It doesn't, does it?), even though it simply states all damage. Small stuff like that, that's annoying to have wasted a Trait on later, simply because of bad explanations.

My biggest gripe is with the Co-op dialogue system, but I have started getting used to it now, and I enjoy exhcanging dialogue with my friend over Skype.

Sounds all reasonable to me. And I agree that some deep systems are not that clear like they should be. I mentioned the same for some other systems. It didn't bother my experience that much but it's nevertheless a bit lacking. But it's also something Larian might be able to fix or improve sooner or later.

Thanks for your answer. smile

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