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This isn't your forums though, but feel free to delete and edit your own forum if you don't like what you see. Also YES some review sites DO deserve to be harshly judge. For example:

1) the 68 review was basically full of blantant slander (reviewer claims nobody wants this game...when it had a very successful kickstarter and still the #1 best seller game on steam and GoG). Also he goes on a insult raid against Larian themselves. There is little context of the actual game itself and even then his complains are confusing and vague.

2) The CheatCC review was laughably based on a build over 7 months ago complete with alpha screenshots and severely outdated information. However, they passed it as a full game review. I believe they were doing it for the site hits - which realistically is a thing.

That being said, I do like your review as I can tell you actually went through the game a good ways and objectively discuss the faults (many which I share). I think those reviews are legit and should be more encouraged through the industry - which sadly is not the case currently. Scores don't exactly matter much to me personally as much as the actual context of the review itself.

Sorry to take a harsh tone (and don't take it personally), but gamers need to speak up against poor reviews where the reviewer obviously did not play the game or had a one minded track coming in to smear the game as much as they can.

Well, first of all, me asking for a sober tone is not me trying to moderate these forums; it's common politeness. But this is the internet, I know.

While I agree with you, I need to point out that you need to separate your disagreements.

When I say "paid off", i'm referring to large companies paying off reviewers to get high scores.

What you're referring to is simply sloppy craftmansship and personal vendettas, which has nothing to do with being bought and paid - just keep that in mind, since we are speaking past one another, otherwise.

I wholeheartedly agree on objecting against poorly done reviews, 100%, as I love my craft and hate to see it slandered, but I can guarantee you that a harsh tone doesn't promote either a) healthy debates or b) your credibility. This is not just for you, this is for anyone wanting to be taken serious, ever.

But let's not drag this out (which tends to happen, again; internet), as I think we agree (in our delightful gamer hearts)!